The Evolution Of Camping Tents Over The Past Decades

When you go camping, the most fundamental tools you need are tents. All over the world, tents are used for survival and recreation. The page of may provide one with useful info on the product. When you think about outdoor experience in nature, tents are always archetypal image. The style, material and design of the tents have been evolving over the past decades. Let’s take a look at brief history of our essential camping items, tents.

When it comes to the first ever tent, no one really knows who and where it was originated. In old days, long before the modern housing style was developed, tents were essential necessity to keep people stay safe, warm and dry. The primitive tent was quite simple with some sticks as base and large leaves on top to cover.

Long after that, during various wars, tents were used by armies. Lots of modern tent technologies were invented during this time and still used in 21st century. Tents were used for keeping the soldiers strong and healthy. Tents were very conveniently designed for them to set up and pack up quickly. Their structure was consisted of stakes, guy ropes and hemp covering.

Then the modern recreational tents, which we see and use now, were developed. The material used changed dramatically in the last century. The wooden poles were replaced by steel and plastic ones. Heavy materials were replaced by light and strong materials such as nylon, and the modern tents are more resistant and much easier to set up and pack up. These are the type of tents that most people commonly use for camping, hiking and so on.

The latest and talk of the town camping tents are hammock style tents. They are also called as “tree tents” as they are just like portable tree hoses. They have futuristic looks and great for the outdoor environment as regardless the ground conditions, you are assured with a comfort.

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