Features To Look For In A Camping Tent

Thinking about getting a new camping tent, but haven’t made such a purchase in a long time? The page of http://sportingauthority.weebly.com/coleman-instant-canopy.html has useful info on the product.  This can be scary because you could end up making a purchase that is just not good enough and should not have been made at all. To make sure you are aware of what you are getting and do get the right option, make sure these features are taken into consideration beforehand. It will save you a lot of time as you are not going to have to curse yourself for going down the wrong path.

Mesh Panels

What are these panels going to do for you and why should they be a part of the tent? They are going to keep the bugs out and that will matter to you.


The size is always going to have a role to play in and those who are not satisfied are the ones who are going to hate themselves.

Size is key and you have to pay attention to this.

Set Up

You will want to make sure it is easy to set up because if the tent takes too long, you are going to be taking away from the time that could have been spent having fun.

You never want to be put in this sort of position, but a lot of people do get stuck when it comes to this and that is never amusing to say the least. lways make sure you are focused on the task at hand.


These are the key features that are going to go a long way and will make sure you are more than happy with how things are going.

If you are not careful, you are never going to be happy with the direction you have gone in.

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