The Type of Camping Tent You Need

The type of camping tent you need may be determined by many factors such as your needs, your budget, the terrain, and the weather condition. The page of has useful info on the product.  Besides, the location of the camping site plays a role in determining the kind of a camping tent that is suitable for you.

The Needs

It is necessary to choose a tent based on the size of your group. If you need an additional space to accommodate a friend, gears or dogs, it is an important you consider buying large and spacious tents.

The following are the types of tents you may consider.

The Three Season Tent – Even though the 3 season tents are the most preferred ones, they are light weight and designed for temperate conditions of summer. However, the tents can also be comfortably used in springs. The tents are equipped with mesh panels to boost the airflow. The panels are meticulously designed to keep insects out and ventilate the tent. If properly pitched, these tents can withstand heavy downpours but may not serve you well if exposed to harsh storms, heavy snore and violent winds. They are ideal for keeping you dry during the rainy periods and will certainly shield you from bugs. The tents are engineered for three season usage.

The Four Season Tent – These tents are designed to handle and accommodate cold weather conditions. They withstand rain, wind and snow. The tents are ideal in springs and can be used during the fall weather. Generally, these are tents have skylights, mesh windows, come with 4 poles and zipped windows.

Five Season Tents – The tents are also referred to as expedition tents. They are designed and intended for extreme weather conditions. If you are going for camping in the mountains, these are the tents you should consider purchasing. They endure powerful winds, hard rains and snows. They can also be helpful in the mountainous areas where temperatures are expected to drop.

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