Key Things – What To Look For In A Camping Stove

If your family enjoys camping trips, it’s very important to have a camping stove that’s best suited for you. The site of has some useful info on the product. The variations and types of camping stove to choose from can be a little overwhelming, and it’ll help you a lot if you have a set of criteria when choosing one. Here are some of the key things that you should consider when choosing a camping stove for your family:

1.) Performance – Camping stoves are usually rated by its boil time. During camps, you might be engaged in a lot of activities that any time you can save to prepare food is crucial. It’s even worth mentioning that the resources in camps can be very limited especially the amount of fuel that you can carry. It’s very important that your camping stove’s boil time ranges from two and a half minutes or less.

2.) Efficiency – most camp experts would tell you that the efficiency of camping stoves are based on the amount of time it can sustain full heat when running on fuel or gas cartridge. Your camping stove should be able to run for at least ten minutes for every ounce of fuel that you’ll use.

3.) Materials used – your camping stove should be comprised of materials that are easy to clean. The parts of your stove should also be very accessible so maintaining it would be a breeze. Keeping your camping stove clean would greatly extend its lifespan. Imagine how much hassle it can be if you’re all set to camp just to find out that your camping stove isn’t working anymore. Even slight degrade on its performance can be troublesome especially if you’re camping in very windy places.

To conclude, the best camping stove should be able to:

reach boil time of two and half minutes or less, sustain full heat for ten minutes with an ounce of fuel or gas and is easy to clean and maintain. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it just needs to be efficient and durable.

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